Looks can be deceiving, so don’t be fooled by the unassuming facade and explore the treasure trove inside Taguig’s newest food hotspot.

PaNik's Grilled Burger

Save yourself from the usual, pan-fried burgers. Give these grilled burgers a try.

Published November 13, 2019

PaNik's Grilled Burger is a hole-in-the-wall burger grill across Taguig Science High School

After a long day of hard work, why not treat yourself to some grilled goodness? Drawing student patrons from Taguig Science High School and crowds from the busy M.L. Quezon Street in Barangay Wawa is PaNik’s Grilled Burger. Don't be alarmed by the name -- it’s actually a combination of "Pa" for Paolo Cipriano and "Nik" for Nicolo Santos, the cousins who own the place.

The owners are addicted to burgers. “My cousin and I really love burgers. Our mission is to be the number one burger hub in Taguig,” said Santos. Now, at three years old, PaNik’s Grilled Burgers stands mighty proud, taking pride in their healthier beef patties that do not contain salt and food additives. Of course, grilling burgers, instead of frying them, is a healthier alternative because PaNik’s grilled burgers are not dipped into a pan that contains hot oil or fat. When the burgers are also cooked on griddles, the excess fat drops off.

PaNik's Attack (P185)

During my first visit to PaNik’s Grilled Burger, I got to try PaNik’s Attack (P185), which is almost everyone’s ideal burger with three patties, lots of lettuce and tomatoes, frizzled onions and a sunny side up egg. With that size, this heavy burger makes for a pretty satisfying experience.

Nasnip Burger (P129)

I also ordered Nasnip (P129) — “pinsan” (cousins) spelled backwards. Like PaNik’s Attack, its garlic aoili and signature cheese sauce hit the spot. The only difference is it’s lighter — Nasnip has one patty and strip of bacon.

BarbeCrunch (P129)

As I went through the menu, it became more evident that the owners enjoyed playing with many pairings and combination options. I appreciated the sweet smoky taste of BarbeCrunch (P129), filled with hickory barbecue sauce and topped with crunchy bacon chicharon.

Savory Waffle Burger (P125)

To the uninitiated, the Savory Waffle Burger (P125) may seem like a weird offering in a burger place. It’s not rocket science — imagine a waffle and a burger got together and had a baby, with maple syrup. I’d recommend this to people who are a fan of sweets.

All in all, what will probably get you and your guys running to PaNik’s Grilled Burger is their standard grilled burgers that set them apart from fastfood chains and pan-fried burger kiosks scattered across in the city. Pretty soon, instead of hearing “Pa-burger ka naman,” Taguigueño foodies might instead chant, “Pa-PaNiks ka naman!”

PaNik’s Grilled Burger is at the 2nd Floor, Virginia Building, 75 M.L. Quezon St., Wawa, Taguig City (across Taguig Science High School). You can also phone in your orders in advance, or have your food delivered from 5 pm - 9 pm. (Mobile: 0997 832 5260 / Landline: 025-710-582)

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