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The Taguig Manpower and Livelihood Training Center (TMTC) leaves no stone unturned in ensuring every citizen has the means to earn a living.

The City of Opportunity

The Taguig Manpower and Livelihood Training Center (TMTC) leaves no stone unturned in ensuring every citizen has the means to earn a living.

Published August 15, 2017

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

While charity certainly has its place in the world, individuals thrive even further when they are taught how to become self-sufficient, thereby increasing their overall well-being. In the City of Taguig, there are more ways for its residents to learn a trade or two.

Thanks to the Taguig Manpower and Livelihood Training Center, several groups of people including retired women, women with young children, and even persons with disabilities, learn a variety of creative ways to make a living.

“We provide opportunities for the citizens of Taguig to augment the knowledge and skills they learned from the TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority),” shared Ma. Anabelle Lim, Officer-in-Charge of the TMTC.

“This is very useful for them. The fact that we are able to assist them in creating a good and sustainable livelihood is a big help,” she added.

Melinda Alpajor, who is unable to walk, has found fulfillment in making stuffed toys. “Even persons with disabilities like me are able to derive income from it. We also encourage other PWD’s to learn this skill, so that they become productive and not be a burden to their families,” she said.

Each yard of fabric can yield four toys, and they can sell them at P32-P35 each for a total of P130-P140, depending on the type of fabric used. For a total investment of P110, they earn P30 profit. “That’s already a big help because you can buy half a kilo of rice with it,” Alpajor said while flashing a wide smile.

Meanwhile, water lilies in rivers and lakes may signify poor water quality, while their rapid growth clogs the waterways that could cause floods. But for the residents of Taguig, they provide a viable source of income for their home-based women workers through weaving and marketing their water lily handicrafts.

“We make envelopes, handy bags, slippers, Christmas decors, novelty items, and many more,” shared Connie Briones, another trainee at the center. “Since I’m already old, I’m quite grateful that I was able to join the Water Lily Livelihood Program because I still earn a living from this. It gives much comfort to my family. Imagine, at my age, I’m still able to work.”

Last August 2017, spouses of delegates attending the ASEAN Mayors Forum were delighted upon seeing the ingenuity and creativity of the center’s trainees. A number of them bought water lily products on site.

“We’re glad that the ASEAN wives visited the Taguig Manpower and Livelihood Training Center. It was very gratifying for the trainees when they bought our products here in Taguig,” Lim shared.

The Taguig Manpower and Livelihood Training Center is located at De Vera Building, Ballecer Street, Central Signal Village, Taguig City. For more information, visit ILoveTMTC or contact them at telephone numbers +63 2 824 6316 or +63 936 195 3848.

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