#BalikAlindog: How To Get Fit and Healthy in 2017

How do you make your New Year’s fitness resolutions come true and finally achieve that fabulous shape you’ve always wanted?

January 07, 2017 by Katt Pascual

Credit: Military Health

It’s that time of the year when fitness gyms, running ovals, and both public and private spaces are abuzz with determination and promises to eat right, exercise more, and get rid of all those lechon calories amassed over the Christmas season. There’s an unmistakable air of mission and purpose once the holiday binges have ended and the reality of the weighing scale kicks in: I’m going to shed the extra pounds this year.

But how do you really become leaner, fitter, and stronger in 2017? Here are top tips as you embark on your Balik Alindog program:

Eat smart, not just less

What you eat will help further your weight-loss goals more significantly than how often and hard you exercise. This means there’s a tinge of truth in the adage “80% diet, 20% exercise.”

According to Shawn M. Talbott, PhD of the University of Utah Nutrition Clinic, an analysis of over 700 weight loss studies in the United States discovered that people see the biggest short-term results when they eat smart. “On average, people who dieted without exercising for 15 weeks lost 23 pounds; the exercisers lost only six over about 21 weeks. It’s much easier to cut calories than to burn them off,” Talbott told the Huffington Post. ("Exercise vs. Diet: The Truth About Weight Loss")

But you don’t have to suffer with a hard-to-sustain low-carb diet. Instead of obsessing over calorie count, strive for a more balanced plan that emphasizes fresh, raw, wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and lean proteins. At the Agri-Aqua Network International (AANI) Weekend Farmers’ Market located at ARCA South in Taguig City, you’ll get a good glimpse of farm-fresh produce, fresh poultry and seafood from all over the country, and the inspiration to eat as nature intended to get the most nutrient-dense offerings. Read about our weekend market adventure.

Get moving in new, exciting ways

Mix up your workout to fight boredom and help you sustain your fitness regimen all year round. You also need to shock your muscles into growing by incorporating changes in your routine every now and then. For starters, there’s a wealth of fitness activities you can do on the regular around Taguig.

Credit: IG @mniclim

Run/jog like your life depends on it, because who forgets about their cardio routine? Popular places for running include Track 30th and Terra 28th in Bonifacio Global City – also great places for family-oriented, pet-friendly socialization or for making new friends.

Among locals, C6 Road in Lower Bicutan is also a hit when it comes to jogging, doing zumba, or exercising outdoors or as close to nature as possible.

Swimming is another no-fail cardio exercise, and you can do it right at the Philippine Army Wellness Center in Fort Bonifacio. Open to the public, the Army Pool is a sound alternative to pricey private pools and fitness clubs in the metro.

Hit the bike trails while you’re at it! Biking remains an attractive way to get outside, bask in sunny weather, and get fit. The Philippine Army Bike Trail and Heroes Bike Trail are two famed trails you can find in the city. Remember to wear your helmet and safety gear!

It would be helpful to keep a workout log to monitor your progress from day one to when you’re slowly reaping the results.

Get enough shut-eye

With the modern-day culture of dream chasing and being digitally awake and connected 24/7, sleep is often taken for granted. This is a surefire way to sabotage your weight-loss plans as the connection between sleep deprivation and weight gain is well documented. Lack of rest makes you crave food, triggering the area of your brain that increases your need for something to munch on. So make sure you get eight hours of restful sleep every night.

Have a good hold on your emotions

More often than not, the physical body isn’t the main issue; it’s your emotions. Your psychological baggage – whether it’s anxiety, loneliness, bullying, or depression – acts as an obstacle on the way to a healthier life.

Address what’s weighing you down emotionally – let go of bad relationships, or patch things up with people who truly matter. Practice mindfulness – focus your awareness in the present while acknowledging your feelings and thoughts.

Credit: IG @urbanashramyoga

Engage in nurturing activities. Combine the perks of yoga and the relaxing outdoors via Yoga in the Park by Urban Ashram every Wednesday at Terra 28th in BGC, or join weekend sessions at L!fe Studio in Burgos Circle.

Take a break in the middle of a busy day and rest your soul in green urban spaces like the sprawling 3,556-sqm Kasalikasan Garden near De Jesus Oval in BGC, a peaceful oasis and a sound alternative to today’s mall and indoor entertainment culture.

Grow your circle of friends. Have a support group of family and loved ones – people who will listen to you when you need to take some load off your chest.


Is there still anything that can stand between you and your mission to be fit and happy in 2017? Good luck and we wish you the rockin’ bod and healthy life you seek!

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